Postal Address:

21645 E Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

About Dr. Michelle Bean

As Co-Founder, Dr. Michelle Bean has put together the fitness aspect of the program. Her ability to educate, enroll and manage 40+ fitness studio owners, scheduling and all the other aspects of this program shows her versatility and skill set.

Master Skill Set

Analytic intelligence
Willingness to ask for help
Decision making
Ability to simplify
Creative Questioning approach
Communications skills
People empathy
Potential problem identification
Willingness to take the lead

Dr. Michelle Bean is the Co-Founder of the Santa Cruz Challenge. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from life West Chiropractic College and also received her black belt in mixed martial arts.

Since moving to Santa Cruz in October, 2010 Dr. Bean has positioned herself within the community as a leader in health and fitness as she has personally collaborated with over 200 health professionals, experts, and physicians, as well as over 50 fitness studios, their owners, trainers, and clients in Santa Cruz County. She has enrolled over 400 local residents in the program, as well as in the ongoing outdoor fitness group classes that she is currently leading. Dr. Bean brings her caring demeanor to her clients so all feel welcome and cared for.