How are YOU going to change the world?

You have 3 minutes.

This is what Professor Bill Coplin says to me standing behind his desk, looking over and down to me sitting in the chair in his office during the first few weeks as a Freshman at Syracuse University. I didn’t realize that they only admitted 40 new students every year into this specific major and I certainly didn’t realize there was going to be some sort of “interview”. I was definitely nervous and he was known to yell a lot. Most people were afraid of him. Without missing a beat I started to answer his question.

My 18 year-old self's Response:

“I want to create a week, have it highly publicized, where everyday of that week there is something to do in relation to the Self. Monday will be ‘Call Your Mother’ day where everyone in the nation picks up the phone and calls whomever they feel is their Mother and connects with her.

Tuesday will be to deal with your finances. Wednesday will be to clean up the clutter in your house and so on. And I want famous people involved. I want rockstars of all kinds, movie stars of all kinds, politicians, etc. to go back to their hometown for at least a few days for publicity around this week.

I want it in the newspapers, in magazines, on TV, on every billboard. I want this week to be all about Starting With Yourself. Because if everyone started with themselves, instead of trying to fix everything else around them, then that’s a great way to change the world.”

And at that moment I couldn’t believe that I just came up with that. As if it was always there within me, this notion, this idea. I had honestly never thought about this question before I was asked it. And I certainly didn’t have this idea.

He looked at me and said, “Well, ok then. Thanks for coming in.”

I tell you all this so you know the history behind our tagline, but it’s been the underlying theme of my own personal journey. And I am a living testament that it truly is a great Path, to Start with Yourself.

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